Committee Members

District 1
Garry Colarusso
Crystal Faria

District 2
Jim Schreve

District 3
Darby O'Brien, Secretary
Mary O'Neill

District 4
Noreen Devlin
Bonnie Krueger

District 5
Jennifer DeWeerth
Mona Perrotti

District 6
Sarah McCullough
Bill Thickstun

District 7
Chad Davis
John Amuso

District 8
Kathy Collett, Chair
Alan Cole, Treasurer

District 9
Barbara Britt-Hysell, Vice Chair
Germaine Gogel

District 10
Shirley Knop
Sue Timian



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Current New York Democratic Officials for Kirkland

Charles Schumer:
U.S. Senator

Kirsten Gillibrand:
U.S. Senator

Kathy Hochul:
New York State Governor

Brian Benjamin (to be sworn in):
New York Lieutenant Governor

Thomas DiNapoli:
New York State Comptroller

Letitia James:
New York Attorney General

Rachel May:
New York State Senator


Scott McNamara:
Oneida County District Attorney

Robert Maciol:
Oneida County Sheriff

Sandra De Perno:
Oneida County Clerk


Chad Davis:
District 14, County Legislator,

Bob Meelan:
Kirkland Town Supervisor

Garry Colarusso:
Kirkland Town Deputy Supervisor

Rick Maxam:
Kirkland Town Board Member

Melanie O'Neil:
Kirkland Town Board Member

Sarah McCullough:
Kirkland Receiver of Taxes

Jon Scott:
Kirkland Highway Superintendent

Jay Williams:
Kirkland Town Justice

Paul Heintz:
Kirkland Town Justice

The above list reflects current Democratic officials for citizens in the Town of Kirkland.


election results

Oneida County Election Results Archive